My Commitment

I think that the most important thing that I can do as a Selectman is to listen. I want to hear what you think. I will not promise that I can deliver on, nor even that I will agree with, all that you say. But I will listen, and I will consider and incorporate your input into my efforts to lead. My goal is that at the end of my term, you will say that you felt that you were encouraged to participate, that you were heard, and that you understood how your input was received.  I will work on posting a blog that provides my view on the things that come my way over the course of this effort.  You can see it here:


I am committed to listening and encouraging participation. To this end I am going to try something here. I am going to try to allow a free form dialogue here where people can contribute and discuss issues relevant to my candidacy and eventually as a Selectman. I will moderate this and will use only the standard of decency and objectivity as the filter for editing content. Please tell me what you think and comment on the input that you see below.

One Response to Listening

  1. I have gotten some great feedback over the last few weeks and especially since announcing my candidacy yesterday. It would be great if there was a public record of such things as well as a record of what people expect from their Selectmen and what they hope I can bring. Criticism is OK too as long as it is respectfully delivered. Bring it on.

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